Swedish Securities Markets Association

The Swedish Securities Markets Association (SSMA) was founded in Stockholm on 15 December 1908. The SSMA has an important role to play in Swedish securities markets.

The SSMA has an important role to play in Swedish securities markets, by fostering dialogue between market participants, the infrastructure, regulators and policymakers, by developing self-regulatory standards, and by providing information about Swedish securities markets in and outside of Sweden.

The mission of the SSMA is to contribute to sustainable and competitive securities markets in Sweden.

In order for securities markets to be “sustainable” in a wider sense, such markets need to be efficient, provide robust and relevant investor protection, whom must be provided relevant information in a form and in a way so that it is meaningful.

The SSMA considers it important that rules and regulations are proportionate and fit for purpose, that compliance and ethical standards amongst market participants are high, and that supervision of securities markets is efficient and balanced.

The SSMA has a membership consisting of 23 banks and investment firms active in Swedish securities markets.

Please visit the SSMA website for further information.

Urban Funered, CEO, Swedish Securities Markets Association, Sweden