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The Nordic Financial Ecosystem Forum 2023

Date 29th November 2023

Venue Stanhope Hotel, Brussels / Webstream on the event website

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09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome and introduction by representatives of Nasdaq and the Nordic Securities Association

10:10 Keynote Speech

Introductory message on Europe’s capital markets in the world by representative of the European Commission

10:30 Panel 1: Capital markets in times of turbulence

The current geopolitical situation in the US, Asia, and Russia have consequences for EU economic development and EU capital markets. In this panel we will discuss the experiences and lessons for the EU and the US and how the EU should react to the rebalancing of powers. To rebound, how should we change the way we view the world? Should the strategic autonomy of the EU be reinforced and with what measures? What is the vision for the EU in the medium term? What are the lessons learnt for the financing of companies, including SMEs, in times of turbulence?

11:45 Panel 2: Capital market investors – where they come from and what we need from them

The Nordics have for a long time been presented as the “poster child” of the CMU with a large share of European IPOs and institutional as well as retail investors interested in equity and bond markets. With the retail investment strategy and the listing act now on the table, and the final chapters of CMU II being written, the question is – where do we go from here? In this panel, representatives from different parts of capital markets will discuss if more could be done to attract investors to capital markets based inter alia on experiences in the Nordics.

12:45 Networking lunch

13:45 Fireside chat with Paulina Dejmek Hack, Director for General Affairs, DG FISMA

14:10 Panel 3: Sustainable Finance – What remains be done with E and what to do with S and G

While lots remains to be done in the field of sustainable finance, we are approaching the end of this version of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. In this panel we will take stock of where we are and what remains to be done with the E in ESG. We will discuss the steps that have been taken into the S and G territory and reflect on the work ahead of us at different areas and levels, as we harmonize the existing framework while at the same time adding new pieces.

15:00 Panel 4: CMU the Sequel – what is next?

As the 5-year stint of the present Commission and European Parliament is about to end this panel will discuss what could (or should) be on the agenda for the period 2024 – 2029. Will there be a CMU III, a Sustainable Finance Action Plan II, or a Digital Finance Action Plan II, and, if so, what will they contain?

15:50 Closing Remarks

16:00 Networking Mingle

The Nordic Financial Ecosystem Forum 2022

Date 13th October 2022

Venue Stanhope Hotel, Brussels / Webstream on the event website

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09:00 Welcome coffee and Networking mingle

10:00 Opening remarks by the Chair of the Nordic Securities Association and the President of Nasdaq

10:05 Keynote Speech by Mairead McGuinness, Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union, European Commission. Watch session here.

10:15 Capital markets for corporates – Watch session here.

The Nordics had a large share of all European IPOs in 2020 and 2021, but Europe overall still attracts and retain fewer listings than the US. The question is why? The work on the Capital Markets Union continues and the European Commission is expected to publish a Listing Act initiative covering a multitude of measures in 2022. In this session we will hear from listed SMEs about their experiences with public financing, as well as from other stakeholders and policymakers who will share their views on what measures are needed to improve the capital market financing in Europe.

11:15 Diversity and women in finance– Watch session here.

With more women than ever before in senior positions in important financial institutions such as the ECB, European Commission, ESMA, Nasdaq, banks, and investment firms, we still need to do more to attract and retain women in finance. Taking as a starting point where we are today on the regulatory side and in our industry, this session will discuss what can be done to make a career in financial services more interesting to women.

12:15 Networking lunch

13:30 Capital markets for a young and digital generation – Watch session here.

If the EU is to achieve the ambitious targets set out in the CMU Action Plan, we need to find ways to increase investments by institutional as well as private investors in capital markets. In this session we will discuss what is already being done but what more can be done to increase such investments. This session will place a special focus on young investors and will also discuss the use of technology in financial markets, financial literacy, and the risk of information overload.

14:30 Sustainable Finance – how can securities markets contribute? – Watch session here.

The Sustainable Finance Action Plan is moving ahead in full speed and include environmental as well as social and governance aspects (ESG). Securities markets are keen to contribute. There is hope for progress, but challenges exist. Environmental urgency puts pressure on timelines and a multitude of initiatives within and outside the EU are adding complexity. SFDR, CSRD, CSDD, EU GBS, etc. Are we taking the right steps and in the right order, will we deliver, will more financing be channeled for transition?

15:30 Closing Remarks

15:40 Networking Mingle